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About Us
BackPorch Produce is a female owned and operated small USDA Certified Organic farm located in Centerville, NY. Currently growing vegetables, fruits and mushrooms. Raising Sheep, rabbits, laying chickens and meat chickens. Pork available in the springtime to early summertime. Veal available upon request (my veal calves are not chained inside, they have outside access with freedom to move around and houses in their shed at night with no stalls). 

Hamburg Farmer's Market
Saturdays: 7:30am-1pm
May 2019 (1st Saturday) thru October 2019(last Saturday)

Orchard Park Farmer's Market (not guaranteed yet have just begun to apply)
Thursdays 3-7pm

CSA seasonal programs June-December

Delivery area days/times to be announced when registration closes. Typically deliveries will be on a Tuesday and pickups on Saturdays.

Delivery  to:
Sandusky, Freedom, Centerville, Franklinville, Farmersville Station, Farmersville, Rushford, Fillmore, Short Tract, Granger, Yorkshire, Arcade, Java, North Java, Java Center, Sandusky, Freedom, Springville, Sardinia, Chaffee, Delevan, Machias, Lime Lake, Concord, Hamburg, Boston, Greenwood, Eden, Collins, North Collins, Derby, Glenwood, Bliss, Eagle, Gainesville, Warsaw, Orangeville, South Warsaw, Silver Springs, Pike, Hermitage,  Canadea, Houghton, Holland, Elma, East Aurora, Orchard Park, Springville, Boston, Belfast, Belmont, Ellicotville, West Valley and more .If your town name is not listed please feel free to ask I'm sure I have left many more areas out that are along the planned route so far.)



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