BackPorch Produce - Company Message
This is a no contact delivery, we ask that you leave a cooler outside your preferred delivery door or garage, we will delivery items in a bag into your cooler. Do not return bags or eggs cartons in next delivery. We will contact you when your delivery is complete via phone/text/message. Invoicing is done via your email provided during registration. Delivery times will be between 10am-2pm. If you have any questions at all please email Cheri at or you can call/text 716-946-8308 or message thru the farms facebook page. Thank you so much for your continued support and keeping our farm up and running successfully!

Order form for delivery
Name, Delivery Address, Email for invoicing, Phone number for delivery confirmation
1 lb of ginger or turmeric ($4 per lb)
Our jams/jellies ($4 each)
Nectarine Jam
Peach Preserves
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
Strawberry Jam
Blueberry Jam
1 large onion ($1 )
Red Sweet Onion
Yellow Cooking onion
Large Spaghetti Squash ($3 each)
Large Butternut Squash ($3 each)
Carnival Squash ($2 each)
Delicata Squash ($2 each)
8 ounces elderberry syrup ($8 each)
Leaf lettuce or mizuna mustard greens
Leaf lettuce
Microgreens ($2 per small package)
Sunflower shoots
Sweet Pea Shoots
Spicy Radish greens
Fresh Herbs ($2 package)
Turnips or Potatoes 1 quart basket ($3 basket)
Herbal Tea package includes 5 tea bags that make 2 cups of tea each ($5.00 package)
Raspberry Leaf
Strawberry leaf with blueberries
Chamomile with blueberries
Mint with strawberrys and rhubarb pieces
Strawberry leaf with strawberry and rhubarb pieces
Handmade Calendula Tallow Soap ($3 each)
Pie pumpkins ($2 each)
Tomatoes ($3 for a quart basket)

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