BackPorch Produce - Company Message
2018 CSA Registration
City,State, Zip Code
Returning member?
Yes (receive 3% discount)
Phone Number
Email Address
Registration Options For Seasonal shares
Weekly Summer (Weekly of June 2nd-Sept 15)
Bi-weekly Summer (every other week June 2-Sept 15)
Fall/Winter (Weekly Sept 22-Nov 17)
Thanksgiving one time Box (November 20th)
Share Sizes Available
Full Share (small family of 3-4)
Half Share (2 adults) or 1 adult/2 smaller childre
Weekly Add-On Items
1 dozen chicken eggs
2 dozen chicken eggs
1 dozen duck eggs
1 Soup chicken
1 Jar of Homemade Jam/Jelly of the week
1 3-4oz package mushrooms of the week
1-2 lbs grass fed beef ( outside partnering farm)
1-2lbs pork cut of the week (from our farm)
1 jar honey (from Amish next door neighbors)
1 pkg microgreens different weekly
Preferred Pickup Style
Hamburg Farmers Market (summer shares only)
Farm stand pickup in Centerville (any shares)
Delivery (add charge of $3 per week) all seasons
Springville Auction Wedsnesdays from 7am-12pm)
Yorkshire Market (Monday evenings)
Sundays at Cazenovia Park Market (pending approval

Costs are as follows:

Please notify me right away if you are purchasing a CSA as a gift for someone else so I can adjust addresses from my side immediately.

Summer  Weekly Full Share  $480.00 (16 weeks)
Summer weekly Half Share    $320.00    (16 weeks)

Summer Bi-weekly Full Share $240.00 (8 weeks)
Summer Bi-weekly Half Share $ 160.00 (8 weeks)

Fall/Winter Full Share $ 275.00 (9 weeks)
Fall/Winter Half Share $ 185.00 (9 weeks)

Thanksgiving One time Box $20.00

Add-on items:

Chicken Eggs $4.00 dozen
Duck Eggs       $5.00 dozen
Soup Chickens $12.00 each (average 3-5lbs)
Homemade Jams $4.00 each
Mushrooms $3.00 per week
Pork:: varies will be billed by the week at least one week in advance)
Beef: varies will be billed by the week at least one week in advance
Microgreens add $3.00 per week

If you have any questions at all please feel free to email ( ), call or text 716-946-8308, facebook message thru the Backporch Produce facebook page. No question is too big or small.

Thank you for your continued support!



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