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About Us

Backporch produce is a small, woman owned and operated  vegetable and limited small animal farm. We originally started as a simple backyard garden that has grown in size over the last 10 years to become what's referred to as a "Market Garden". We provide fresh vegetable access to local farmers markets, restaurants, delivery and a CSA (community supported agriculture). We use sustainable methods so as to not overwork the soil, often using permaculture methods and limited tilling.

Our on farm commercial kitchen opened "officially" in April of 2021, we  have many, many items and will add an additional page updated continuously to show items available. Currently estimated to be pierogi, soups, salsas, pestos, salad dressings, elderberry items such as syrups and gummies, baked goods and too much to list at this time. These items will be available on farm, at farmers markets and as add on items in our CSA program including a delivery program targeted  for kitchen items.

We are also contemplating an on farm mini cabin to be rented out for camping, let us know if this is something you are interested in!!


Hamburg Farmer's Market

Saturdays: 7:30am-pm

May 2023 (1st Saturday) thru October 2023(last Saturday) Please remember no sales before 7:30am.

CSA seasonal programs May 20th thru September 23rd.

Delivery area days/times to be announced when registration closes. Typically deliveries and farm pickups will be on a Tuesday evening, there is also the choice of pickup at the farmers market we participate in. 

Delivery to:

Centerville, Rushford/Rushford Lake, Freedom, Arcade, Sandusky, Hume, Fillmore, Pike, Bliss, Eagle, Gainesville, Java, Java Center, Java Village, Strykersville, Franklinville, Farmersville, Farmersville Station, Delevan, Yorkshire, Machias, Canadea, Ormel, Belfast

If your town name is not listed please feel free to ask I'm sure I have left many more areas out that are along the planned route so far.

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