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CSA Weekly Share Newsletter

CSA spring share week 4 2017

Good morning!

This weeks shares to include: 

Brown eggs
Pac choice
Leaf lettuce

I apologize for posting later than usual recently, yesterday was our yearly USDA Certified Organic recertification inspection which we passed. Looking forward to a sunny afternoon! 

CSA Spring Share Week 1 2017

Good afternoon!

Finally that time of year has arrived, the farmers markets and CSA shares begin again. This weeks share to include:

Wild Ramps/Leeks
Leaf Lettuce
Pac Choi

Look Forward to seeing everyone tomorrow it's been a long, long winter and we are so glad that spring is here, a little less rain would make life easier right about now but sure beats the snow!

Week 17 Summer Shares 2015

This week includes:
red peppers
jalapeno peppers
indian corn
mini pumpkin
butternut squash

CSA Week 15 Summer Shares

This week to include the bounty of :


CSA summer shares week 13 2015

Blue Hubbard squash
Red plums
Cherry tomatoes
Large beefsteak tomatoes

Week 11 Summer CSA Shares

This weeks share's to include:

butternut squash

Hi everyone! Shew the weather is just silly this year isn't it? Not enough rain, then too much rain, too hot too early, late hard frost and the list goes on. It has been a very rough growing season! Summer items are coming to an end sadly. Cucumbers are done for the year. Yellow squash, patty pan squash and round zucchini are all really slowing down. But....the fall ornamentals are beginning to be ready.

A word of warning to all visitors.

CSA Summer Shares Week 8

This weeks shares to include:

large tomatoes
cherry tomatoes
sweet corn

Week 7 Summer CSA Shares 2015

This weeks shares to include:

8 Ball zucchini
Red Romaine
Sweet Corn

It has been a very dry week, awaiting rain so we don't lose the majority of our herbs would be great. The sweet corn has done well even if it did take an exceptionally long time this year.

The large red beefsteak tomatoes were not grown here on our farm, instead they are from Lakeview Organic which is an amish Certified Organic farm located in fillmore/Centerville NY area. The cherry tomatoes are grown here on our farm.

Week 6 summer CSA shares 2015

I guess I have given up on "recovering" the template I previously used for making the weekly newsletters. I just don't have the time right now to figure out what has gone wrong, I am sorry.

This week is set to include:

pattypan squash
yellow squash
regular zucchini
8 ball zucchini
swiss chard
Homemade jams
Cage free/free range brown eggs
green beans
red potatoes

It has been a rough growing season this year, but we are still hanging tough. Although the fields are very dry right now, we are able to keep up with irrigation right now every morning and every evening.

Week 5 CSA Summer Shares 2015

Hi everyone!

Week 5 is set to include the following:

regular zucchini
8 ball zucchini
green beans
swiss chard

The fields are looking great, except for the deer damage. We applied for and received nuisance permits from the DEC this week thankfully to help get the damage under control.

It is looking promising for the first round of corn to be ready in next weeks share as will be enough pattypan squash.

Hoping everyone is enjoying the season so far! The pumpkin patch is looking TERRIFIC!
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